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October 18th
Not in the mood to work today.

Waking up to waffles… and online shopping?

I’m thinking I may have a tiny addiction here.  

Home from work.

Time to be a potato. 

I was told that I looked a lot like Vivien Leigh tonight at work.

I’m still blushin’.

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September 2nd
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August 25th
Workin’ Omaha Fashion Week all week. Long story short, my feet have suffered.

Nutella and reruns of Will & Grace make my mornings complete.

I’ve never been such an early bird in all of my life. I really don’t mind it lately.

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August 4th
Rented out a new lens for the weekend. It’s as big as my head, almost.
I’m photographing my cousin’s wedding tonight. I’m excited to capture these love birds on camera, along with the rest of the family. 

I feel completely out of it this evening. 

All I need right now is to lose myself in a sea of blankets and some chinese takeout.

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July 30th
Beetlejuice is just peachy.

Whenever I see black & white vertical stripes…


Watching Breaking Bad with my cat on a Sunday night.

This is the life.

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June 27th
Blind camouflage


i need to quit my job and travel the world.